How to become a Member of LAFA ?

Our members are art market participants, practitioners and professionals.

Membership to LAFA offers the opportunity to keep abreast of art market development and regulatory environment and partake in the shaping of common practices and industry standards.

Membership is conditional upon the approval of your membership application by the Board of Directors and the payment of the annual membership fees.

Membership to LAFA offers a range of privileges such as but not limited to:

  • Newsletters
  • Conferences
  • Thematic lunches and diners
  • Privileged access to various art fairs

LAFA will also organize working groups in various areas of matters relevant to the art market and its participants, practitioners and professionals in Luxembourg.

Membership is conditional upon approval by the Board of Directors


The companies or individuals will be separately recognized with their logo & names on our website as sponsors of LAFA.
  • 500 Eur annual fees for 3 individuals of the same organization.
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MEMBERS corporate entity up to 3 persons registered

Membership is reserved to any corporate body or organization, whatever its legal form, qualifying as member and accepted at such by the Board of Directors of LAFA.
  • 250 Eur annual fees (for up to 3 persons)
  • 50 Eur each additional member
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Membership is reserved to individuals exercising their profession outside of a corporate structure, qualifying as members and accepted as such by the Board of Directors.
  • 100 Eur annual fees
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