LAFA is pleased to invite you to a conference on the topics of :

Financial due diligence of art market actors
Art & Compliance
The Responsible Art Market Initiative

19 September 2017 from 14:00-19:00
Amphitheatre Arendt & Medernach
41A, avenue J.F. Kennedy


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Deadline for registration is September 15th

Issues linked to lack of transparency and authenticity are undermining trust and credibility in the art market. At the same time the legal and regulatory framework within which art businesses are required to operate is evolving and becoming increasingly complex.

In response to these developments, the Art Law Foundation & the Art-Law Centre of the University of Geneva together with other partners, have launched a non-profit initiative aimed at identifying responsible art market practices a The Responsible Art Market Initiative (RAM). RAM mission is: To raise awareness amongst Art Businesses of risks faced by the art industry and provide practical guidance on establishing and implementing responsible practices to address those risks. See here for more information on RAM:

The aim of this conference is to present the RAM Initiative, including its guidelines for countering money laundering and terrorist financing threats and to discuss the role of best practice guidelines for financial due diligence in the art market.