Art, Collectibles & Wealth Management – Geneva & Zurich, June 2015

8.50 Introduction by the chairman of the conference

Alain Mestat, Managing Partner, PassionProtectA� European Director, Art Capital Group and President of the Luxembourg Art & Finance Association, Luxembourg
9.30 The emergence of an Art & Finance industry

  • What is it? What is its importance and its evolution? Who are the players?
  • How is it relevant to the wealth management industry? a�� What are the products? Art, diamonds, wine, vintage cars, vintage watches…
  • How the various art types have been performing
  • State of the Art World in 2015
  • Impact of Passion Assets in overall UHWNI portfolio a�� Art & Collectibles: a new alternative asset class?
  • Art & Collectibles Market in terms of returns: benchmarks a�� Art Investment Funds: emergence, performance, how do they work?

Sergey Skaterschikov, Managing Director, Skate Capital Corp, New York
Adriano Picinati di Torcello, Director Advisory & Consulting Art & Finance Coordinator , Deloitte Tax & Consulting, Luxembourg
Andrew Shirley, Wealth Report Editor and Head of Rural Property Research, Knight Frank LLP, London

11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Structuring art assets of the private client: which solutions for which advantages?

  • How to use and combine the different tools: life insurance, alternative investment funds (Luxembourg Specialised Investment Fund), securitisation (Luxembourg law of 2004)
  • Advantages for the client and for the private banker
  • Example of structures: case studies

Alain Mestat, Managing Partner, PassionProtectA� FrA�dA�ric Dupont, Head of Tax and Institutional Investor Solutions, Jeantet Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Pierre Naquin, Founder, A&F Markets, Paris

12.30 Lunch
14.00 Art & Wealth Planning: which servicescan be offered to the client? Which benefits for
the professionals?

  • How can the wealth management industry benefit from the Art & Finance space?
  • Art is becoming increasingly important for the wealth management industry and the players need to offer solutions to their clients. What are the services offered by banks and Family Offices?
  • Wealth Planning (taxation, succession), Art Lending, Art Financing, Loans based on art assets

Venetia Lean, Member of the Board of Directors, Banque Havilland SA, Luxembourg

Terence Doran, Managing Director, Art Capital Group, New York

15.30 Coffee break
16.00 The backbone of the Art & Finance Industry a�� Why the various actors play a critical role?

  • Freeports/Storage/Physical Custody; Evaluation; Authentification

David Arendt, Managing Director, Le Freeport Luxembourg Prof. Maurizio Seracini, Chief Science Officer of Great Masters Art Authentication Ltd., San Diego and Editech Art & Science, Florence

17.30 End of the conference